MOVFLEX SINKING (12 cordones)


MOVFLEX SINKING (12 cordones)

MOVFLEX SINKING (12 cordones)

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Movflex is a special composite rope that mixes high tenacity polyester yarns with high tenacity multifilament polypropylene yarns. This distinct combination gives it excellent fatigue proprieties comparable to an all polyester ropes but with less handling weight. Its firm, round and non rotational construction, provides excellent abrasion and heat resistance to this flexibility sinking rope.

Major features:

Exceptional abrasion and wear resistance even in wet conditions
18-20 % lighter than regular polyester ropes 
Low water absorption
Flexible and smooth, non kinking and non rotating
Excellent UV resistance

Raw material: Polyester / Mixed Polyolefins 
Specific Gravity: 1,10
Melting Point: 265ºC / 165ºC
Elongation at % of BS:
25% …. 4,0%
50% …. 6,0%

Main applications:

Mooring lines
Towing lines