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MOVLINE (8 strands)


MOVLINE (8 strands)

MOVLINE (8 strands)

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MOVLINE PLUS (8 strands)

Movline Plus ropes are made from a high tenacity composite fiber extruded on a custom-built extrusion process. This extremely strong bi-polymer associated to an 8 strands plaited construction, results on a rope with good wear resistance and exceptional gripping capabilities that are enhanced by the outer fuzzy surface developed in use, also protecting the inner fibers against abrasion.

Major features:

High abrasion resistance
High strength floating line 
No water absorption
Good UV resistance
Non kinking and non rotating construction

Raw material: Mixed Polyolefin 
Specific Gravity: 0,94
Melting Point: 165ºC
Elongation at % of BS:
25% …. 2,8%
50% …. 5,5%

Main applications:

Mooring lines
Anchor lines
Tug and Towing lines